Friday, August 8, 2014

Fortunate Fridays {Incredibly Grateful} Edition

Ummm how is it Friday already?! 

How are you guys doing?! First of all, my apologies for missing last week's Fortunate Friday post. I was on a roll with this series and then a weekend came along when I didn't feel so "great" mostly from stress and stuff I needed to take care of. Hence, the motivation to complete a Fortunate Fridays post was not really there :-/. Don't get me wrong--- great things did happen last week. My mind was just not there to share much. I am human and my life, although I am incredibly grateful for it, is not perfect. I am sure you all out there can relate and understand.

But anyways.... I am back!

Have so much to say but I'm not sure if I call fill it all in to this one post so I'll try and make this a normal one.

And here is what I feel fortunate {incredibly grateful} for this week:

1. My friend Dana! Words can't even describe my appreciation for the fact she opened her apartment to me during my last week of the internship. She allowed me to sleep in her all-so-comfy couch. I felt so welcomed! Needless to say she greeted me with flowers, candy, and the most delicious banana bread she could find at the farmers market! How. Amazing.Is.She?!

Although after the weekend was over we just saw each other in the evening after work, we had an amazing time talking about careers, dating, and life in general. We also checked out a few really good restaurants in the process. And took one too many photos:

Yummy Foods:

**she also took me with her to a body pump class at her gym which was tough but super fun. That girl can lift some heavy weights!

2. The serendipitous way in which I found the topic for my final presentation at the internship (where there was a whole lot of people to impress). I was freaking out and then the perfect company "magically" appeared ;)

3. Successfully getting through one of the most nerve-wrecking presentations of my life to date and feeling amazing after.

4. Successfully getting through my entire internship this summer. Everything from pitches, to videos, to presentations, to quality time with Microsoft excel. I am walking away a completely different, much more knowledgeable person. This experience was priceless and I can't wait for what's to come!

5. All the great people I was able to interact with and learn from!

Bonus: being able to cover pretty much all "touristy" places here in DC. During my last weekend at the GWU dorms I was able to make my way to the (free) Smithsonian museums. Went to the American History museum and gave myself a nice tour.

As the foodie that I am; couldn't contain my excitement when I walked in to the Julia Child's and "evolution of food" exhibit. Great times!!!

...and that's all folks!

I am far more knowledgeable. I am happy, I am healthy. I am more well rounded. I know what I don't know. Understand more of what I know. I have a much clear picture of what I want. I have a more clear picture of where I am headed. of what makes me happy. I am excited for the future. Excited for what's to come. Excited for life. Feeling incredibly blessed. Thank you Jesus for all these blessings!

I am not going to lie about the fact this summer had ups and downs but the amount of ups more than made up for anything else. Also, the phrase "this too shall pass" presented itself and reaffirmed how true it really is :)

I move back to NYC this weekend and I seriously can't wait. I miss my apartment, my friends, my family; and everything else I have to look forward to!

Meme of the week goes to:

 *For some reason I came across this on instagram and it really stood out to me.

Cheers to Friday! Any plans this weekend?

Friday, July 25, 2014

Fortunate Fridays {Friendships are golden & Self Improvement edition}

Hey My loves!

This week FLEW! I almost forgot to post this but here I am-- as it is my Friday tradition. I wont waste much time on random stuff and just get to the point.
 This week I feel fortunate for:
1. Spending time with some amazing friends this weekend! -- My amazing friends from NYC came to DC and it was like a college reunion all over again. Great times!

Warning: pictures of delicious food and lots of fun ahead




First time at Peri-Peri--- absolutely delicious. 


2. I am getting better at not caring what others do but controlling my own emotions and being at peace instead!- I used too much power on things that were out of my control until one day I decided that's no way to live. Still a work in progress but I am so much happier.

3. My mom taking the time to "deep clean" my apartment

4. The realization that following a passion can take us farther than actual skills or aptitude can! (will be writing a post on this).
5. Finding the time to update my investing blog!
6. Not letting others intimidate me-- no matter what. I know what I am and what I am capable of. I know I have a bright future ahead regardless of anything.

7. The opportunity to attend an amazing work event last night. I am telling you--- the company where I am doing the internship is beyond amazing. Open bar, free food, free entertainment. They even sent me to the train station on a limo...yes. a limo.

 The Gold Magnolias-- Awesome band!

8. My incredible faith and the certainty of knowing deep inside that amazing things are ahead.
Me today after a nice run (although I was so exhausted I didn't feel like doing nada. But I did it!!).

Meme award of the week goes to:

TELL ME-- What blessings did you enjoy this week?

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Fortunate Fridays {out of my comfort zone} edition

Hey everyone!

Friday is here once again. Although I love my job, I definitely welcome this little break. I have a couple of friends coming over to visit this weekend should it should be quite the eventful week. Will definitely catch up you guys on whatever we end up doing!

So this week's theme is dedicated to the idea of getting out of my comfort zone. I consider myself quite introvert by nature although there has been plenty of occasions in my life where I surprise myself by being more open and outgoing. Usually said moments happens when I either feel I have nothing to loose or I consciously tell myself that going beyond my shyness will pay off.

Well, I have to be honest is that the internship I am doing is challenging me in so many levels. I am learning so much and feel like I am constantly on the go but I absolutely love it. It's also given me the opportunity to reach out and talk to people I probably would never approach in a different setting--perhaps out of intimidation or just my nature of being quite and keeping to myself (which is something I am working on).

This week I am Fortunate for...

1. The fact that my friend Dana invited me over for dinner on Saturday night and I just felt so privileged and honored that she made such a nice {and delicious} dinner for the both of us. Thank you Dana!

2. Places like Barnes & Noble. Without a doubt one of my favorite places on earth! Doesn't matter what city I may be at. If will be staying for more than 2-3 weeks you better believe I will make it my business to find a local B&N. The place just brings peace and happiness to my heart <3...I spent a good amount of my day on Saturday there. Just a cup of coffee, a magazine and I....

Great articles I found on a magazine (I think it was fortune but can't rememeber)...

3. Finally getting my bootay to the dentist and getting bad news and good news--- the scruciating pain I was getting on the right side of my jaw/ head is due to a very bad cavity all the way back on my wisdom tooth (that's both the good news and tr bad news). Now I have to gather the courage of getting that tooth pulled out before I leave DC (ugh!!!!).

4. Learning to keep myself in peace and not letting things that I can't control bother me. Thank god for self-reflection!

5. Finding a Catholic Church in the area and making it to mass this past Sunday. Loved the sermon and just loved being there for an hour or so.

6. The ability to run!!! Been running a lot lately (as mentioned in several past posts) and loving it. Took a break today after running 4 days back to back. Gotta take care of this body!!!

Random selfie of the week:

Some of my eats this week:

Meme of the week goes to the following:

How was your week? Any plans this weekend? TGIF everyone :)

Friday, July 11, 2014

Fortunate Fridays! {proud of my friends} Edition

Hey All!
Hope everyone had an amazing week! My week had a lot going on but I am glad is finally Friday! I just had a chance to sit down and write this post. I should really consider being a "real" blogger and writing these things up in advance. However, until that happens, here is what I feel fortunate for this week:
1. My amazing friends, whom I am so proud of!!!
I believe I mentioned on my previous post that I spent last weekend at my friend's lake house up in Syracuse, NY. She bought the house a couple of year ago and I missed her house warming party due to a family thing I had going on during that time. I FINALLY had a chance to go up to see her this past weekend. When I walked in to her gorgeous home (with a gorgeous lake to match) all I could think about how immensely proud I am of her and all she has accomplished over the years. Nothing makes me happier than seeing my friends succeed and see the fruits of their hard work. Congratulations Lejla! and I wish you much more amazing things!
I took a gazillion pictures but here are a few:

Us on the boat (one piece borrowed from my friend because of course a forgot a bathing suit).

View toward the lake

View of the house from the lake

Osvaldo and I (thanks for driving :)

Lamija and I :)

The girls
2. My dad!!! It was my dad's birthday yesterday and I know I've probably said this several times on the blog but I love my dad to the moon and back. He's been such an amazing role model in my life and all good things I have I owe not only to my hard work but to his never-ending support in my life. I am so blessed to have him around and was a little sad I wasn't with him for his birthday. But I hope to make it up to him soon. Love you dad <3

3. My new found "hobbie"--Running!-- So I am living in a dorm room within GWU for the summer (long story on that one). I am not necessarily ecstatic to have a roommate or to spend every waking moment in a room without a television so, I have this new "thing" where I just go out and run. I like it and I feel my stamina getting better and better. Yayy!

4. An amazing lunch (and trying chicken pad thai for the first time)-- One of the executives from my job took the time to take me and another analyst to work and shared so much knowledge with us! I was just listening to him absorbing as much as possible. Its quite the amazing feeling when you have a chance to talk with smart people and take the time to listen, engage and just learn so much from them. Cheers to educational lunches:

..and ps: pad thai is delicious...yes. I've been living under a rock this whole time.
I'll keep it short today considering is late and I am tired. But, never forget that no matter the challenges we may face in life, there is always something to feel fortunate for.
I leave you with some random selfie I took yesterday before work:

...and with my favorite "meme" of the week:

Tell Me, How did you spend 4th of July weekend? anything exciting coming up this weekend?